Black jack Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of our strongest services at AH-Concept. There are so many different businesses and industries that are using social media as a marketing tool for selling their products or services. In order to succeed as a business and expand your profit, you have to make sure that your social media platforms are on point at all times. As we know from website development and design, search engine optimization is the tool you can use to attract more online visitors and improve the ranking in the search engine. A lot of business owners believe that this could only be applied on general websites. Little do they know, this can also be implemented in social media channels like Facebook. By choosing the right keywords, adding the relevant hashtags and use a smart audio tracking system in your videos, you can improve your own ranking with the help of social media.

Social media can be used in many different ways, but the most common reason for businesses to use it is because of the advertising possibilities. Ads can now easily be created with softwares that can help you with audience targeting and much more options. Business owners and marketing managers can now use these kind of optimization tools in order to let their profile stand out. The professional team of AH – Concept are specialized in targeting research, advertising on social media and implement new strategies. Last month, our team worked on the social media marketing strategy of a black jack company. Because of the restrictions and regulations, promoting companies that are operating in the gambling industry can be very hard. Since casino games like blackjack are illegal in a few different countries, advertising is not really an option. We had to develop a new concept that would fit our new strategy, without promoting the gambling industry.

We are now in the development process of viral marketing, which is a strategy to gain a big amount of followers in a very short time. With one of our partners, we are now planning a casino party in the city of London. With the help of this party, we can actually promote our social media platforms without promoting the actual gambling games. People that are interested in attending this party, need to follow our social media channels first and post their favorite blackjack related outfit with an additional hashtag. With the help of these hashtags, we can expand the popularity of this company all over London at once. The main goal is to gain as much followers as possible, so that we can show the products of this company without using any advertisement.

Soon we will announce the actual date of the casino party on our own social media platforms. If you would like to attend, please make sure to add the relevant hashtags beneath your image on social media. Concept development in combination with a social media strategy is just one of our many services we can provide. If you would like to know more about what we can do for your business online, don’t hesitate to contact us. All of our services are based on customized activities and strategies.